Coming soon: an RPG and accessible PDFs

Thank you so much to everyone who has picked up a copy of Crash, Boom, Bang!

I’ve started developing the fourth game for this mini-bundle. It’s a pen-and-paper RPG about meeting someone dear to you while trying to overcome all the little challenges that inevitably undermine your plans.

Here’s another teaser about the RPG: it will use a cut-and-paste puzzle with Tetris-like pieces to introduce challenges and ultimately determine whether you and your special meet. Think Dread or Star Crossed but with a 2D Tetris puzzle instead of Jenga blocks. 😉

Just like the other games in this collection, the RPG is about coming together and is both print-and-play and play-by-mail friendly.

I also plan to use the proceeds from the Locally Sourced bundle in which this game debuted to get a temporary Acrobat subscription so I can fix the reading order of the text in the game PDF and make the content accessible to more people.

If you played the game, please rate it and send me feedback. I will also happily accept more money at


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